Pullman Heavyweight

HO, N, S and O Scale Passenger Car Sides.  Our heavyweight sides are done with 2 white styrene outer sides and a crystal clear plastic inner side that are to be glued together.  The clear inner side is also used for window glazing.  All sides are undecorated and require a core kit (roof, floor, ends) to make a car shell, or the use of a donor car, unless otherwise indicated.  The diagrams shown are five colors:  white lines are the outlines of the sides and doors (if the kit comes with separate doors), green lines are generally window openings, red lines are cut-in details, blue lines are the second white styrene layer and magenta lines are guide lines for adding rivet decals (the sides are flat, so rivet detail must be added).  Descriptions of the cars are of the prototype and usually tell the builder, number of cars made, the original owning railroad, and disposition of the cars.

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To view a full-frame diagram of the sides, open the product page by clicking the blue product number/name.  When the product page opens, click the magnifying glass.  To close the diagram window, the X is located at the bottom right of the frame.

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